Great solutions in waste management

KRAS is an international undertaking with its head office in Volendam. Having started out in 1951, collecting rags and scrap iron on a traditional cargo bike, the business has expanded into a group of companies with locations in The Netherlands, Belgium, Kosovo and Hong Kong. Kras is first and foremost a full-service company for the commercial collection, sorting, processing and transit trade in paper, cardboard, foils and plastics waste flows.

The waste collected by Kras is made suitable for reuse or is processed into raw materials for new end products. Kras carries out these processes itself or outsources them to reliable partners. All processes are completely transparent and can be tracked by all parties involved.

As a result of expert knowledge of the market and an extensive network built up over the last sixty five years, KRAS has developed the transit trade of raw materials and semi-finished products. KRAS trades with and sells to certified end users worldwide.

KRAS is a family business. Within the family we have worked to maintain a consistent throughput of the knowledge and quality developed and passed down by generations. The characteristic values of the family company have been carefully passed on, but the third generation Kras is also forward-thinking, ambitiously seeking new innovations and pushing back the frontiers.