OPK Certificate
The OPK qualification system is a practical and sector-specific certification system committed to safeguarding the environment, safety and working conditions. As a result of this certification system, the level of quality within the scrap paper industry has been set significantly higher. This has made the sector as a whole far more professional and has further improved its image. The certificates: Kras Volendam, Kras Almere.



FNOI is the sector organization for the waste paper industry in the Netherlands. As member, the FNOI represents our interests and is firmly committed to paper recycling. In addition, the FNOI promotes professionalization of the sector and an open and free international waste paper market. The four core tasks of the FNOI focus on: acting as a point of contact in the paper supply chain, forming a knowledge centre in the field of paper recycling, monitoring quality assurance and providing access to a larger international network.


NRK (Dutch Federation of Rubber and Plastics Industry)
NRK Recycling is an umbrella organization for professional businesses that have a comprehensive knowledge of plastic recycling processes. The recycling of plastics is key in realizing a circular economy. Something that can no longer be ignored. It is vital that recycling becomes the norm. Only then can we together take up the challenge to close the plastics cycle.

National regulations governing waste require companies collecting or transporting waste (industrial or hazardous) on a commercial basis to be registered on the VIHB list. The certificates: Kras Volendam, Kras Gemert, Kras Hoek van Holland.